Waiting Game

So we knew that God was teaching us patience through this whole process with our son, but these next few days may be the hardest part of the waiting.

Today was the biopsy. We went in early this morning…

Blessed be Your Name

 As a worship leader it is humbling to sit back in a service. To be completely candid with you .. We critique, we think about all the technical things. Its just hard to sit back and worship sometimes. This morning…

Isaiah 55:8

Music is like breathing to me.
Ever since going to college at Auburn University God changed my perpective on music through worship music. Sometimes just the first few notes of an intro
can set me into a tailspin…

The bigger Picture

If you know me at all you know my favorite musician is Brooke Fraser. She has written some of my favorite worship songs
"None But Jesus", "Hosanna" and many more. She is also a singer songerwriter and someone I…

Another test down

Last night I met with our band at Willowbrook Church to pray over me and our families situation. Can I just say I am incredibly blessed by the band I get to play with every week. Not only are they…

A good morning

 I have been reading a book by Jani Orlund "Fearlessly Feminine" with a few of my closest friends and last night our chapter was on Fear.
Oh does God know what we need to hear when we need to…


 Today we met with Dr. Gilbert our pediatric surgeon who happened to be the same doctor who removed a cyst from Addisons head when she was a baby.
He looked at Nolan and the bump and asked questions and…


Our family has been going through trials with our youngest son Nolan.
My husband was wreslting around with him like any dad does with their son and pressed his head to his chest and he screamed.. Not a fun…


I am preparing for my youngest daughter Hayden's third birthday party and we are going
to have a Wizard of Oz theme. My mom says that I used to sit and watch this movie
over and over again.…

Bryan and Katie Torwalt

I have had a few monumental cd's affect my life in dramatic life changing ways.
Back in college it was Hillsong United's "Look to You" album that had the song
"Salvation is Here" on it that absolutely changed…


Even having the number 43 as my title weirds me out just a little ill be honest.
This number has been in my life for the last 10 years. It began when I was going
through a tough…

Seasonal endings

As Christmas has come and gone my music crammed month comes to an end
I take a deep breath and look around at the mess that is my house and choose
at this moment to ignore the chores…