Waiting Game

So we knew that God was teaching us patience through this whole process with our son, but these next few days may be the hardest part of the waiting.

Today was the biopsy. We went in early this morning and the surgery itselft took about 30 minutes and the doctor came out and told us he still didnt know what
it was ( we thought he may be able to get some kind of clue by seeing it but he didnt ) and we would have to wait until wednesday when they send it to pathology
and they culture the mass and the bone.
So at this point if it comes back an infection in the bone or a cyst they will leave it there and treat it with antibiotics and check it every 6 months to make sure it is gone via
some type of procedure.
If it is a malignant tumor they will most definately take it out and he would begin chemotherapy.
If it is a benign tumor they will still remove it which will be a major surgery. He will have it taken out and the bone replaced by a piece of bone from his hip and he
will have to be in the ICU for several days... So we are obviously praying against a tumor.

The day in the hospital went well.. after the anesthesia began to ware off he was wide open on some morphine. It was kind of humorous.
Our friends came and visited and we felt very loved and tonight we got to come home and are exhausted but were very excited to be at home.
Tomorrow he is expected to be very sore and progressively get better over the week.
For now we ask:

Pray this is not a tumor. Or anything more than a cyst or infection.
We serve a big God and we trust Him.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and thank you to the people who have helped us out by serving us in many different ways over the last few weeks.
We can literally feel your prayers as you respond to our plea.

Praise God for a good day!


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