Seasonal endings

As Christmas has come and gone my music crammed month comes to an end
I take a deep breath and look around at the mess that is my house and choose
at this moment to ignore the chores procrastinate.
I LOVE December for many reasons but one main reason is how many events
I am honored to be involved in. I am engulfed in Christmas music and trying to
find that new revamped Christmas tune that we can bring into our church.
So after the month ends and my kids have more toys and clothes than we
have food in our house I sit and take a deep breath.
I have been inspired by new music and a new friend who is incredibly talented
and doesnt even realize just how talented she is. ( those are the best kind )
We have been co-writing and have new songs with new sounds that I can't
wait to share. She has brought out a piece of me I knew was always there
but wasnt sure how to express. Her cello will haunt you with its eerie
melodies yet draw you in with its alluring organic sound. I am excited for
future music not even yet created and those songs in the making.


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