Of Course

Well I had such an awesome time doing concerts in the courtyard at Bridgestreet in Huntsville Alabama. There was a great crowd and I just felt so loved.
It was fun to sing cover songs again. But I wanted to share the coolest part of the night. I had a few minutes left to play and we were out of our set list so my friend said "hey why don't we do a worship song" how about "Lead me to the cross".  So we went on to play one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists and it was what I considered the best song of the night. After singing 20 songs my voice should have been completely worn out but God just reached down and allowed me to sing that song probably the strongest of any others I sang. It just goes to show you can sing all you want but when you are singing lyrics to the Lord passion is always inevitable. Thank you Jesus.

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