Medical Mystery

We heard back from the oncologist today.
So our son is a medical mystery. They said St Jude in Memphis cannot define what this is as well and they have now sent off this information and the biopsy to offices all over the country getting second opinions. They did reconfirm that it is NOT cancer and did not see any sign of malignancies at all. They want to do another MRI at the end of this week/beginning of next to look at the mass after it has been biopsied and will plan on doing another MRI in a month or two to keep a watch on it and by then we will hopefully have more information from the doctors that will be looking into it. There is still a good chance we will have to get it removed but they want to look more into it before jumping into such a major surgery so we are thankful for that but sad for our little guy to go through more
testing. Overall it was good news but we are still left in the waiting. And on a lighter note my dad told me when they figure out what this is we should have then name it the Nolan Isaiah mass. haha I got a kick outta that.

As I sang about at church this Sunday. I know my God has come now even if to write upon my heart to remind me who He is during this season of my life.
He is always always good and I have seen the good come in the waiting.
So..... we wait.
We praise him for the good news from today.
We praise him always.

Thank you again for your many many prayers.


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