Dodgeball games and growing pains

So it's been a while since you've heard from me and after the holidays I am gearing up for a 2017 calendar year.  My full-time job is being a mommy but my part-time job is most definitely music so I have been  working on new ideas for this upcoming year and booking events.  But let me back up to Christmas Day ...
You see I'm slightly competitive. Ever since I was little I was into sports. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, softball, you name it I played it and I loved it...  so when a friendly game of dodgeball broke out Christmas Day at my in-laws house of course I was in !  It was boys versus girls so you know I was extra competitive. With the girls behind we had to catch up and as my husband threw the ball towards me it was like slow-motion and I caught the ball and felt a sharp pain go up my finger but it was overtaken by the joy of the fact I had gotten my husband out !  I looked down at my finger and the top portion was pointed straight out I have never broken a finger before and thought oh wow that doesn't look right ha ha.  But my equally competitive athletic trainer sister in law said let's go tape it up and will keep going and with that I did .  I honestly thought it may just be a bad jam because days later it was still very swollen but still very crooked. As weeks went by I realized this was not going to change so I went to the doctor and yes my ring finger on my left hand was in fact broken ...  about a week after the incident I picked up my guitar and realized oh my goodness I can't wrap my hand around the guitar and play the strings and then my head dropped .  How am I going to play the guitar what do I do? I have a splint on my finger I have to wear for 10 weeks in order to make it heal properly. I always knew I had to take care of my vocal chords and rest my voice but I never considered my left hand being so important as well. After talking to the doctor and telling him that I am a musician he said once the pain subsides some we maybe can fashion the splint to wear while you play. I'm going on week two with the splint and so far it's very difficult to play but I am going to keep pressing on and hope for the best so guitar players heed this warning ...  take care of your left fingers you don't realize the notes you play directly flow from the fingertips of your left hand.
 So what do I learn from this. Stop playing dodgeball? Absolutely not. Be a little more cautious? OK I can do that. 

Much love,

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