What I have felt for so long is uncertainty. Just very unclear thoughts about my future and what God wants me to be doing right now.
Though I know these times will come again right now I know this.
I am a daughter of KING JESUS.
I am loved by him dearly. He desires for me to spend time with Him. And I long to worship Him and know Him more every day.
I have 3 amazing children, Nolan is 5, Hayden is 7 and Addison is 9.
Being a mom is HARD. Its no joke but i know that His timing is perfect so I'm right where I need to be in my own season of life to be 
able to be compassionate to their seasons.
My husband and I are in a season of newness and desiring change whatever that may look like. We just want to be
obedient to where God wants us right now. So we have been in prayer together pleading with God to show us what He wants us 
to spend our time doing and how to better parent our children. Even in that uncertainty I feel clarity. A clear knowing that God will
show us what we need to be doing and when he wants us to move. He has always been faithful in this area before so why would
i worry now?
Im so excited about the album release party I can't stand it. This time around with "Beautifully Broken" has been a lot different than 
my previous album "Complete".  Im doing a lot more of the business end of this album and so its caused me to grow and learn
and lean on people. Thats humbling! Asking for help is hard for me... Anyone else?? haha.
But with each lean I have hands that are pushing me back up straight and with that I am grateful.
So for now Im in awe of what God has done this past year. What a journey it has been! 
The people I have met and been able to listen to their stories has been priceless. What happens when we start getting real with one
another is something only genuine people know about. Like its some big secret. HEY! Everybody is going through something so 
lets just drop our walls and start sharing it with people who need to hear it! You never know who is going through the exact 
same thing you are and just needs to hear they are not alone.
I know that's what I needed to hear.
So for now I leave you with this. 
Isaiah 43:18,19 says " Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a NEW THING, now it
springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert."
This promise is absolutely amazing to me and I believe it with all my heart. He is always doing a new thing we just need to open up our
eyes to see it.

Much Love,

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