Chuck E Cheese

I can remember going to chuck e cheese as a kid staring at the wonderment of it all not knowing that the creepy bear playing the drums was really really creepy.
We are having our oldest daughter Addisons 5th birthday party there and i am kind of excited.
I am hoping for a night of adolesent fun and enjoyment. Most of all she has been waiting for this since she was 2!
I always told her when she was 5 she could have her party there. She has an uncanny sense of memory about these things.

On a more serious note we are still waiting to hear back about the next step with Nolan.
He is healing well from his biopsy. He touches his scar and says "its ok"... in a cute little 18 month old way.
Its almost like God is talking to me through my son.
I know it will be ok.

I am still asking for prayers over him as he continues healing and as we approach the next phase of
this season.
Trusting God knows better.


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