Its been a crazy few months. I have had opportunitites to play at different places and I have new events coming up I am so excited about.
In the midst of the busyness I have gotten pregnant and am due February 25th.  So between the nausea I have found moments of "oh my goodness I am about to have 3 kids"
My oldest Addison just turned 3.  Looking back It just seems like yesterday she was born. Hayden wont even be 2 when baby 3 is born. Am I crazy? Sometimes I feel like how in the world do women have any more kids than 2?? I feel like God is allowing me to be busy with events and my family because I know things will have to change once we have three kids. But ultimately what that means I dont know. I know I am born to play and sing and that part of my life won't stop. But first I am born to serve my Jesus, my husband, then my kids. God show me balance.

Well that should keep you up to date for a few days. Much love in Christ.


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