Bryan and Katie Torwalt

I have had a few monumental cd's affect my life in dramatic life changing ways.
Back in college it was Hillsong United's "Look to You" album that had the song
"Salvation is Here" on it that absolutely changed that way I looked at worship music.
More recently Passions album "Here for You" with the song "Waiting Here for You" by
the amazing Christy Knockels, made me fall to my knees again in utter dependence
on my Jesus.
But these last few months it was Bryan and Katie Torwalt's "Here on Earth" album that I
have found myself reading lyrics and weeping seeing what an amazing idiot I truly am.
My favorite song on the album is "I breathe you in God". The bridge says this:

"When I dont understand I will choose you
When I dont understand I will choose you God
When I dont understand I GET to choose to love you God"

 The thought that it is a "privilege" to be able to worship our Jesus (as she ad libs in the
instrumental of the song" is really just another way of thinking.
Christ chooses to love us in spite of our wicked ways.
We are made to worship HIM.
So the fact we GET to worship him is an honor. I had heard this a long time ago and simply
needed to hear it again that its a privilege to worship Jesus.
I highly reccomend this cd but be prepared because their truly vulnerable singing will put you
in a face down state of worship.


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