Today we met with Dr. Gilbert our pediatric surgeon who happened to be the same doctor who removed a cyst from Addisons head when she was a baby.
He looked at Nolan and the bump and asked questions and then called the radiologist while we were in the room. They decided collectively that a biopsy had to be done
 because they still cannot figure out what this is but they cannot rule out its not a tumor. So they will make an incision on his chest and go in and take a piece of the bone and then the mass. They dont want to take the whole thing out because they would have to remove a whole part of the bone leaving a dip in his chest that would be too detrimental
to the heart if anything was to ever press to hard. So the only reason it would come to this if it is malignant then they would take it all out and take a piece of his hip bone
to replace the missing bone to protect his heart.
This would be only if the pathology report comes back malignant. He seems hopeful about it just with Nolans health and age that it should be benign but yet they cannot figure out what this is and are so stumped about this whole thing they cannot let something slip through their fingers and miss what could be life threatening.
We also had planned to go to the beach with our family this saturday and asked he thought about the trip. He hesitated and said. Number one you wouldnt be able to 
enjoy the beach with all the unknowns (true). And number two we dont want to live with regret that one week may do if it was cancer and we decided to wait. 
Then they told us they want to schedule us for Monday. He will probably have to stay over night and we will hopefully have some answers after this is done.
So they will go on with the bone scan thursday and no matter the results they will do the biopsy Monday July 30 ( micheal my husbands birthday and my dads ) Different kind of birthday that they anticipated this year.

So with a busy mind I am trying to quiet my soul tonight.
Reading through Isaiah 55 tonight.


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