Back in the Swing

My oldest daughter addison started kindergarten this week. It was definately a moment of feeling old and more so she is getting old.
My other two daughter and son attend preschool at my church a few days a week so we are definately trying to get in the swing of things
I enjoy having a routine but i also enjoy having time twice a week to do what I need to without the kids. Its been nice going for a run without
pushing a stroller or doing my favorite workout insanity without fear of who may walk downstairs ; )

Nolan goes for an MRI on monday which once again he will be sedated for. We will meet with the oncologist right afterwards and we are praising
Jesus we dont have to wait on that appointment so we will know if the tumor/mass is growing or staying the same or hopefully shrinking.
We are also still waiting to hear back from the other oncologists around the country. So please pray that when they do the MRI
they will find nothing! Or if its still there that they will find it shrinking and healing.
We learned more risk factors about the surgery to get it removed and are strongly praying against it at this point but if it is growing then that will
most likely be the outcome.
Thank you again for allowing me to share this information and for partnering in prayer with us!
We will keep you posted on the progress when we know.


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