Another test down

Last night I met with our band at Willowbrook Church to pray over me and our families situation. Can I just say I am incredibly blessed by the band I get to play with every week. Not only are they incredibly talented but they love Jesus.
LOVE Jesus and love being His servant.
So as they laid hands on me in our worship center sanctuary I literally felt a peace come over me and I released
emotionally. I know that I know those people are in my life to draw me to the cross. And last night they did just that. 

So today was the bone scan... After walking into the room we were told that Nolan was going to be registered an IV then radioactive dye would be 
put in about 30 minutes later then we would have to wait three hours before the scan would begin for the dye to move throughout his body.
Micheal my husband and I gasped.. What?? He hasnt eaten or drank anything and we have to wait three hours! 
So as time slowly passed today (making many laps around the hospital, going to the play room) and many tears were shed by the little guy
it was finally our time. The test didnt take long and 5 hours later we were home.
It was a long day but we got the phone call from the pediatric oncologist 3 hours later... It was good! Nothing else showed up but the 
mass they have already seen on his chest and since they were looking for more to tell them if it was a form of bone cancer or something worse
this was good news. Praise Jesus!
So now we wait until Monday. The biopsy.
Please continue to pray with us.
Pray for a miracle. That the doctors would go in and it will be gone! 
But if its not God is still good. God is still in control. He is still mighty and wonderful.

The best part of the day was at night. When our best friends came in the door with dinner in hand and just sat with us and laughed and loved on our kids. We have the most awesome friends in the world. They love us unconditionally. They hurt when we hurt. Most of all they love serving Jesus. And they did just that tonight by serving us. We love you.


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  • Paula


    I'm so glad you have such good support at the church. Praying for you.

    I'm so glad you have such good support at the church. Praying for you.

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