A rescuer

I was talking to one of my best girl friends who I dont get to see very often because we live in different states but as I sat across from her
she began to tell me with tears in her eyes how she had gotten to a place of desperation again for God in her life. And
questioned how she got there.
She went on to say how at this point in her life she even "scares herself with what she is capable of" meaning outside the will of God.
Now this is a godly woman with two sweet kids and I knew exactly what she was talking about. When we are in sin and outside of
the will of God we are capable of anything . Even the thing you thought and maybe even judged that other person of in your life.
Sin is sneaky and sometimes a very slow fade from being intimate with our very creator to completely turning our back as if to say
I dont need you anymore.
She talked about a girl from her church who is a missionary in India and how the girl talked about how being there is not for the
comfortable. Its hard and messy and not glamorous at all and do not come unless you are crazy for others to know Jesus.
She says "You see she  I am already rescued... I dont need anything else and these people need someone to rescue them , thats
why I am here to tell them who rescued me"....


I am encouraged today by many things. Life is hard and we need people.
Im thankful for people who are real with me so I can be real with them.


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