Even having the number 43 as my title weirds me out just a little ill be honest.
This number has been in my life for the last 10 years. It began when I was going
through a tough time in my life and I started seeing the number everywhere...
On the clock, on a lisence plate, the total at the grocery store. EVERYWHERE.
So i began to pray to God to ask him to reveal what this all means.
Sometimes it was sin in my life that God was asking me to give up.
Sometimes it has been someone else in my life and I am suppose to be praying for.
And sometimes its something thats to come I have no clue about and sometimes he lets
little underving me in on it and others he doesnt. So needless to say recently it has been all over.
A lot. So I am trying more than ever to be obedient.
Thats the 43's.


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